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Three glass door freezers full of quality food and treats 

We believe that dogs and cats will do best on a diet that mimics as closely as possible the diet of their kin in the wild.  To this end we have products from a few different companies providing complete and balanced raw diets, and a variety of treats and supplemental feeding choices.  All of the frozen raw products are free of any synthetic chemicals, pesticides, fillers, by-products, grains and gluten, and are very low in carbohydrates and sugars.  Food as nature intended, with all the enzymes, amino acids, and moisture unaltered and bio-available.

Our frozen offerings include:  complete and balanced frozen raw diets from Primal Pet Foods, Steve's Real Food, Vital Essentials, OC Raw and Rad Cat;  Frozen raw treats from OC Raw, Vital Essentials, Primal, and Steve's.  The treats include raw marrow bones, knee caps, armbones, beef tripe, whole sardines (big ones!), pumpkin / sardine mixes, turkey and chicken necks, ostrich neck bones, lamb meaty bones, and chicken necks.  Some treats are intended to be completely consumed, while others are more for nibbling and marrow extraction.

Primal Grinds contain just the protein (i.e chicken, lamb, pork, etc), organs, and ground bone. These are great bases for homemade diets, and can also be added to the base mixes from Grandma Lucy's or The Honest Kitchen to create complete diets.

We also make Fresh Tracks Homemade pet ice creams with raw goat's milk that animals go nuts over!! The cup is made out of sugarcane to ensure that even if a pet gets a bit overzealous and eats the whole thing, it is completely digestible. Our organic flavors change with the seasons, ensuring that your pet is always getting the freshest, seasonally appropriate produce possible. 

Raw goat's milk is chock full of probiotics and digestive enzymes to help your pet with a range of digestion issues. Read more about the benefits of goat milk:

 Benefits of Raw Goat Milk

Our store carries freshly frozen raw goat milk from Answers, a convenient powdered version from The Honest Kitchen, and a frozen raw goat milk yogurt from Steve's Real Food.  

Fermented Fish Stock is also available in pint containers.  Fish stock and goat milk provide a great way to boost both the moisture level and health benefits of dry foods.  

Read more about the numerous benefits of Fermented Fish Stock:

Fermented Fish Stock info sheet 1

Fermented Fish Stock info sheet 2



We offer foods that are either Freeze-dried (Primal, Vital Essentials, Stella & Chewy's and Grandma Lucy's ) or dehydrated (The Honest Kitchen).  These minimally processed, gently cooked foods are usually mixed with water and/or goat's milk to rehydrate, providing your pet with an easily digestible, bio-available meal that has a high moisture content. Cats especially need moisture in their food to properly digest it.  The large numbers of cases of cat urinary tract infections, FLUTD, and bladder stones can be traced back to cooked diets lacking in moisture (i.e. kibble.)  Cats evolved in the desert and lacking water sources, they obtained moisture from the intracellular moisture in the raw foods they killed and ate. Modern cats may have more water available, but they tend to be dehydrated due to the low moisture content in dry cat food.  Any increase in moisture intake is great for dogs and cats (and humans), and these freeze-dried / dehydrated foods seem to address this issue well. They are also great for backpacking with your dog due to their highly packable and lightweight desig and lack of need to refrigerate.

Of course, we also carry the more familiar dry and canned dog and cat foods, though we have limited our selection to a few small companies that have proven that they care more about the animals that eat their food than appeasing corporate shareholders.  Our offerings include Nature's Logic, Fromm Family Foods, Great Life Performance Pet Products, Pure Vita, Nutrisource, Orijen, Acana, Tiki Cat, Zignature, Ziwi Peak, Koha, and Weruva. These companies make pet food only, not as a sideline or waste depository for unused parts from other manufacturing processes.  Please research who makes the brand you serve presently!

You can trust that the food we sell in our store will be healthy for your pet.  NO Feed. NO corn. NO hydrolyzed proteins. NO by-products.  NO Hill's "Science" or "Prescription" Diet. NO Royal Canin. NO Purina. NO Del Monte. NO Mars. EVER!!! No overly corporatized companies that respond more to shareholders than to the real customers who consume their product...our beloved pets.  The "science" behind many of these corporate kibbles is ripe for debate, and many of today's vets received support in school from some of these companies in (unspoken?) return for future sales of product. These same companies may have written the textbooks, and perhaps tweaked the information, for the "nutrition course" that may have been the only nutrition option at your vet's college.  Many holistic vets disagree with this line of teaching, so please discuss your pet's nutritional needs with a qualified holistic veterinarian.

We will assist you as best we can to find an appropriate food for your beloved pet, using our research, our experience, and the experience of our customers.  

 Two large self service dog wash stations 


We have two Poly Pet Tubs for your self service pet washing needs. One is an extra large size for the comfort of bigger pups. The other is still large but better for medium and smaller breeds (as you can see from the above picture, ALL pets are welcome - ferrets, pigs - whatever fits and needs a good washing!) Poly Pet Tubs are very durable and easy to clean. An added bonus is the fact that they are quiet. When water from the spray nozzles splashes the sides of a stainless steel tub, or the sprayer is dropped, it has a tendency to make a lot of noise. Some pets are not so keen on this.  We wanted to be sure the experience was as positive as possible for your pet so this was an important factor in our decision to purchase these tubs.

In addition to a quieter tub, we have added the soothing sounds of Pet Acoustics. Pet Acoustics are designed to calm pets in a variety of situations: separation anxieties, thunderstorm nerves, sensory activity and for the general well-being of dogs, cats, horses, and birds. Dogs and cats prefer long sustained tones and harmonies at a moderate to low volume that maintains their state of rest. Each musical selection is contoured to help your pet’s sense of well-being in their environment. This is truly a pet spa experience!

All your pet wash needs are provided: shampoo, conditioner, brushes, wash cloths, towels, grooming table, ear cleaners, restraint system, toenail clippers, aromatherapy sprays, and treats to reward your pet for a job well done! 

The more you buy the more you save!  No appointments are necessary: first come, first served!  Note that the last wash of the day starts about one hour prior to closing time.


Homemade Ice Cream

Fresh Tracks makes its own homemade ice creams.
Using raw goat's milk as the base, ice creams range from a simple delicious treat with fruit or veggies to more beneficial supplements like bone broth or fermented fish stock.  Each ice cream comes in a 4 ounce container that is made of sugar cane. In case an over zealous pup decides to eat the whole thing it's okay!   



Loyalty program with a twist


We offer a loyalty program for all purchases in our store. Earn one pack perk for every dollar you spend.  When you reach 250 pack perks, you receive a $10 discount on your next purchase.  No coupons to clip or anything to remember.  Just mention your name and your balance will be checked and discounts awarded.

So where is the twist? Well, the twist is in our continued efforts to provide for animals in need of a forever home.  If you so choose, you can take your coupon and donate it to the local shelter.  If you do this, we will match what you donate, providing the shelter with twice as much as they would normally get! Now that is something to feel good about.  But don't worry, if you decide to redeem the coupon, it's okay.  Your animals deserve just as much love as any other and we will not think twice about it. 



Twisting our loyalty program even further is our Pack Leader program. Every month, we will select a pet to "Lead The Pack."  Pet parents can enjoy additional savings on their purchases during this time. All that is required is a photo of your buddy, which will join all the other members of the pack adorning the walls of our store.  Send a close up photo, preferably black and white, to:   pets@freshtrackspet.com.

Ziva sits proudly for her photo

Giving back to those in need

As mentioned above under our loyalty programs, we wish to extend the generosity we provide to our customers to the local and regional shelters by providing much needed supplies, foods, toys, and money.  Food that has been damaged or returned for reasons other than quality concerns are also donated to shelters. We keep a list of items needed at the local shelter posted behind the checkout counter.  If you have a gently used toy or you find you no longer need any other pet related item, please either donate it directly to the shelter or drop it off at the store and we will include it in the next delivery to the shelter.

Fresh Tracks Pet Shoppe wishes to care for all the animals of this earth, not just the ones in loving homes. If you adopt a shelter pet, please let us know. We want to shower you with the goodness you deserve for helping the pet population and reducing the number of unwanted animals out there.  Please visit our ADOPT link to search for your next furry family member.  It makes a huge difference to know these animals are getting the love they deserve for being such wonderful companions to us.