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Buster Cube - SoftCube

 KRUUSE developed the popular BUSTER Cube.  Focusing on playing without making noise, a softer version now is available.  No clattering on the floor - but lots of mental challenges to keep your dog occupied for a long time. Contains no softeners. Get out the treats and let the games begin! Particularly suitable for use on wooden or laminate flooring.

the Buster Food Cube provides valuable mental stimulation and exercise. Your dog is rewarded when treats and food fall out.

Studies show that there is a correlation between behavioral problems and too much rest and boredom. The BUSTER Food Cube is a simple and ingenious toy for stimulating your dog mentally, helping him to improve his concentration skills and motivating him to use up excess energy.

The BUSTER Food Cube is easy to use. All that is needed is a handful of dry food or treats placed in the Cube through the opening. When the dog rolls the cube, the dry food falls out and his efforts are instantly rewarded. His discovery encourages him to continue playing with the BUSTER Cube. The BUSTER Cube offers any dog a natural and fun way to exercise and utilize his problem-solving capabilities.


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