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Glacier Peak Holistics - Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic and anti-fungal. It is also effective in removing impurities in water. These natural properties make this an ideal treatment for skin irritations and superficial injuries as well as internally for minor infection.

What makes ours so good? First we start laboratory grade purified water. Then we use our proprietary methods of amperage, voltage, and 99.9% pure silver to create a superior grade Ionic Silver. This formula is the BEST we've ever seen!

Our spray can be used for external and internal issues. Gently misting your pets mouth and feet can eliminate germs both inside and out. You can also spray into water and on food.

  • Lightly mist your pet's skin to help heal abrasions, superficial cuts, allergic reactions and hot spots
  • Spray your pet’s teeth and gums to help maintain oral health
  • Perfect for “disinfecting” your dog’s paws, nose, and back end after visiting the dog park or play group and sniffing a lot of new and unfamiliar friends

Our solution is 10ppm and perfect for our 4 footed friends.