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Kettle & Fire - Bone Broth


Kettle & Fire was started with one thing in mind: create the healthiest and best bone broth on the market. From the very beginning, this mission has fueled their search to find the best co-packer, the best bones, the best ingredients, and the best packaging. They're proud to say that they've accomplished the mission, and today serve up some of the best bone broth you've ever had.



Each batch of bone broth uses only organic ingredients, and marrow bones from 100% certified grass-fed, grass-finished cattle (for our beef bone broth). 



Beef bone broth - Marrow bones from pasture raised, 100% grass-fed cows, organic carrots, organic onions, organic celery, organic bay leaves, organic parsley, apple cider vinegar, a pinch of black peppercorn, sea salt, thyme and rosemary extract.


Chicken bone broth - Chicken Bone Broth (Filtered Water, Organic Chicken Bones, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar), Chicken Broth, Organic Celery, Organic Roasted Poblano Pepper, Organic Green Pepper, Organic Onion, Organic Carrots, Organic Garlic, Organic Scallions, Organic Tomato Puree, Organic Herbs (Parsley, Thyme, Rosemary, Basil), Organic Spices, Sea Salt.


The combination of 100% grass-fed bones, organic vegetables, and 24+ hour cook times come together to make the healthiest (and best) bone broth on the market.



They have a saying at Kettle & Fire: killer bones = killer bone broth. This is why they only use bones from organic chickens and 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle that are hormone and antibiotic free. Not all bones are created equal, which is why they only use knuckle, patella, femur, and feet bones. These bones have been shown to contain the highest concentration of white and red stem-cell marrow, as well as high levels of collagen - one of the major benefits of drinking bone broth. 

They source all of the bones from 100% certified grass-fed and grass-finished cattle. The cattle have been organically raised by family ranchers in California, Colorado and Washington state. 



The packaging is where they really differentiate themselves from other bone broth companies. Most companies aren’t USDA approved and require their bone broth to be frozen. This makes shipping a hassle (not to mention expensive!) and makes it hard to store. I know my freezer isn’t big enough to store a lot of bone broth!

Expensive shipping prices and inconvenient, frozen product will prevent people from purchasing bone broth and improving their pet's health. After many months of working with food scientists, chefs, packaging experts and millions of dollars worth of equipment, Kettle & Fire was able to create a bone broth that has all the benefits of a homemade bone broth yet doesn't need to be frozen... and all without any preservatives, nasty additives or extra sodium.

They are the only bone broth company to use millions of dollars of packaging equipment in the making of their product. First, the bone broth is made using all organic ingredients and marrow bones from grass-fed cattle. Then, once the broth has been simmered for 24+ hours, it is packaged.

It’s the way it is packed that’s so revolutionary. It is packaged it while it’s hot (so no germs can get in), and in what’s known as an “aseptic” vacuum environment. This means that, when the bone broth actually goes into the packaging, there are zero pathogens in the box or in the packaging area. In fact, there’s not even air! Packaging is also lined with a thin layer of heat-resistant polymer to ensure that no leeching or reaction occurs between the packaging and the bone broth itself, thus maintaining the integrity of the bone broth.

Because there’s no air or anything present when the broth is packaged and sealed in each container, there’s nothing that can react with the broth and cause it to spoil.  That’s why there are no preservatives, additives, hormones or other gunk to the product. It’s all in the packaging!


The Packaging is Environmentally Friendly

Not only does Kettle & Fire want to make and sell the best bone broth, but they want to do so in a way that is environmentally friendly. Packaging is recyclable and made mainly of wood fibre - a natural and renewable raw material. The FSC™ label on the packaging is a guarantee that it is sourced from responsible forest management and other controlled sources, and it is supported by global environmental organizations like WWF and Greenpeace.

Other bone broth companies' packaging isn’t green and ship their products in Styrofoam containers which are super harmful to the environment.

Kettle & Fire packaging is...

  • Sustainable
  • Biodegradeable 
  • Does not release any harmful chemical by-products during the manufacturing process (unlike Styrofoam packaging)

But what about the onion?

We at Fresh Tracks were concerned about their ingredient panel containing organic onion. Onion is considered a toxic vegetable to dogs. We reached out to Kettle & Fire about this and the suggestion of a new recipe omitting onion and this was their response:

"We will eventually be coming out with an onion free broth but our bone broth is considered safe for dogs as the onion content is minimal and we do have some vets using our bone broth to treat patients."