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Fresh Tracks Pet Shoppe in EagleVail, Colorado, opened in October 2014 by two longtime upper Eagle Valley residents who grew up with dogs & cats and adore all animals. We started this business as a way to help the local pet population by providing owner education and high-quality products.  "Food, Not Feed" is our guiding principle. We were appalled at the things we learned while researching commercial pet foods, and feel that it is a privilege to educate our customers on these issues. We believe that companion animals deserve to eat foods similar to those that they would hunt as a wild version of themselves, high in named meat-based proteins, not shavings from a corn processing plant mixed with unknown "animal by-products", and hammered tree bark for fiber. While convenience and affordability are important in any food budget, sourcing and digestibility are paramount. 

Along with species appropriate food, we provide quality treats, toys and accessories made from natural materials, and mostly sourced from the USA. We substitute homeopathic remedies for the harsh chemical treatments commonly found in the pet industry. To help clean your buddy after adventures, we have two self-service pet wash tubs, and carry a variety of safe, effective and natural pet shampoos & cleaning products.

We will consider our endeavor a success when Golden Retrievers and their ilk once again live to the grand age of 18, as they regularly did prior to the 1930's before corn became the dominant starch used by pet feed manufacturers.  To this end the shoppe has a lending library of books on these topics that we have read over the years.  Please avail yourself of this vast store of information to help increase your own knowledge and help our furry friends live as long and active a life as possible.  Steve admits that his own diet has changed for the better as a result of learning about pet diets. (Julie has always eaten intelligently.)

Steve, Ouzo and Julie JohannesWe welcome you to join the Fresh Tracks family and, as always, we wish you happy tails!


Steve, Ouzo & Julie Johannes