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Bach Flower - Larch

“For those who do not consider themselves as good or capable as those around them, who expect failure, who feel that they will never be a success, an so do not venture or make a strong enough attempt to succeed.” - Dr. Edward Bach

Lack of confidence, depressed, discouraged, feeling of inferiority

Animal/pet indication:  Lack of self-confidence or avoiding situations where they have to perform.

Remedies the loss of confidence in an animal; characteristics may show hesitancy or fear of failure. For any situation where an animal's confidence has been compromised due to abuse, trauma or intimidation from other animals. Larch will help any animal who is entering a rescue shelter in which they may have had an abusive owner. Also, for any animal who has suffered from any time of illness in which they lose their former standing with companions.  

Positive Indication: Animal shows confidence and courage

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