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Floppy Disc - The Original Soft Bite Disc


If you love playing catch with your dog - you'll love owning a Soft Bite Floppy Disc.

Perfect for retrieving in your yard or park, and it's a great water toy.

Long distance or short - it doesn't matter, the Disc flies as well as a plastic frisbee - and it won't hurt your dog's teeth and gums!

Floats! - Flies Great! - Flexible & Durable! - Folds into your pocket or pack!

Soft bite floppy discs are a doggie's dream come true. Perfect for play in your yard or park and the kids love them too. If they get dirty you can clean them up in your washer or sink, and you can even turn them over and fill them with water to give your doggy a drink. When used as a toss and fetch toy, your floppy disc should outlive any hard plastic frisbee.

Floppy Disc, Inc have found that the very characteristics that make the disc better for your dog's teeth and gums makes it unsuitable as a chew toy. Leaving your pet alone with their floppy isn't recommended as prolonged and unsupervised chewing will damage the disc. Keep it on a shelf or in a closet when not playing with your dog and the disc will survive many months of playtime. Most importantly, this toy won't hurt your dog's teeth and gums like that darned ol' plastic-soft bite floppy discs-they truly are fantastic.

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