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Kissable Dental Products - Cat Dental Combo

KissAble Toothbrush And Toothpaste Combo Kit For Cats

Editorial Review
Help your cat ward off bad breath, gum disease, and heart disease by consistently brushing your cat's teeth using the Kissable dental combo kit. Each kit includes one toothbrush and one 2.5 OZ tube of all-natural vanilla flavor toothpaste. The sleek design of the Kissable toothbrush makes it easy to clean all sides of your cat's teeth. The soft bristles massage gums and help to remove tartar and plaque build up. The vanilla flavor toothpaste is all-natural and is great for cats.

1) Tartar control toothpaste and toothpaste kit designed for cats
2) Sleek brush design for easier cleaning of all sides of your cat's teeth
3) All-natural vanilla flavor toothpaste reduces tartar and plaque build up
4) Consistent brushing helps maintain healthy dental hygiene and prevents gum disease
5) Made in U.S.A


Type: Cat Dental Care