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Kruuse - Buster Treat & Training Ball

The Buster Treat Ball is a food stuffable toy that will keep your dog mentally challenged and physically active. Fill the center of the ball with food and treats and watch as your dog rolls it around to drop the treats and be rewarded. The maze function slowly drops the treats to make the toy more challenging and fun. To increase the level of fun you can stuff the ball with treats and tease your dog by rolling it on the floor or stuff it with larger treats so that your dog works harder to get rewarded. Made from ABS durable plastic. The small is approximately 4 5" diameter and the large is approximately 6" diameter.

Based out of Denmark, Kruuse is a global leader in veterinary equipment. It produces high quality and long lasting products so that veterinary professionals' needs are satisfied. The company dedicates itself to distributing products to improve animal well-being. 



The perfect toy for activating your dog. Fill it up with treats. Made from durable ABS plastic.

  • Patented maze function for slow release of treats.
  • Stimulates mentally and physically
  • Keeps dog entertained for hours
  • Feeding and play in an interactive way
  • Recommended by many animal behaviorist

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Type: Dog toy