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MultiPet - Look Who's Talking Toys


  • Built-in voice box that makes realistic croaking sound whenever it's squeezed for endless fun!
  • Contains no dangerous plastic parts that can be swallowed so it's perfectly safe for chewing and thrashing
  • Durable frog dog toy is great for withstanding rough play time and time again
  • Made of velvety soft external material with strong stitching so its made to last long
  • Perfect for playing fetch, or just to cuddle up to and snuggle with on a rainy day

FROG: Tails are going to wag and mouths are going to water when this little croaker comes out to play! The Multipet Look Who's Talking Frog Plush Dog Toy makes a realistic croaking noise every time your rough-playin' pup gets their jaws around this long-lasting plush toy. And since it doesn't have any external plastic parts, pet parents can feel safe letting their pals thrash and chew to their heart's (and jaws') content!

CHIMPANZEEHey, man might be a dog's best friend, but when pet parents are away at work, a chimp can make a fantastic substitute! The Multipet Look Who's Talking Chimp Plush Dog Toy makes a realistic chimp shriek whenever pups are playing, but,unlike real chimps—and much to pet parents' delight—these chimps don't throw poop. 5"

COW: This plush-filled dog toy contains a plastic voice box buried deep inside the plush that makes a real moo. 7"  See it in action below!

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    Type: Dog toy