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Tiki Cat - Gourmet Canned Cat Food

Naturally Occurring Moisture Rich Cat Food:

Live prey varies between 75-85% moisture, allowing for healthy digestion of protein rich foods. Moisture consumed within the food is critical to promoting and maintaining a healthy digestive tract, kidney and urinary tract, and liver.

Without moisture in the food, the feline can develop chronic dehydration which leads to many health problems.

Protein and Fat Rich Cat Food:

Live prey consists of an average of 55% protein and 35% fat. Felines derive energy and immune system support from proteins and fat. Protein sources including prey that fed on grass and insects, impart a variety of vitamins and minerals to the feline during consumption.

Felines consume the stomach of the prey, which contains small amounts of semi-digested vegetation, which breaks down more efficiently in the digestive tract. That is the reason it is so very important to rotate the food offerings, to provide a variety of prey in the feline diet for an optimal balanced, nutrient rich profile.

Zero or Low Carbohydrate Cat Food:

Live prey consists of 0 to 2% Carbohydrate. Canned and dry cat food containing unnatural amounts of vegetation (the vast majority on the shelf today), place a high strain on feline digestive and organ functions.

Those large amounts of vegetation, which are not biologically appropriate, overload the body. As the feline body struggles to break down and eliminate the vegetation residue, the lack of moisture present in the food compounds the problem. This leads to health problems such as Chronic Dehydration, UTI, Feline Struvite Crystals, Kidney Stones, and many other disorders directly linked to their diet.

Studies also demonstrate that felines lack the ability to absorb nutrients and antioxidants that naturally occur in vegetation and simply pass the vegetation and phytonutrients.

A small amount of fiber can be useful in the feline for expulsion of hair balls (which is why they chew grass). It is very important, however, to ensure that any fiber source will not cause a spike in blood sugar levels