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West Paw Design - Qwizl

Like humans, dogs need stimulation to support a happy and healthy brain. Challenging activities, such as getting a treat out of a puzzle dog toy, can help their brain development while filling their time and their bellies. 

This need is one of the reasons why West Paw designers developed a new interactive Zogoflex® toy, Qwizl™. Safe and durable, Qwizl extends the life of expensive dog treats by gripping them inside its ridges so dog’s don’t gobble them up so quickly. Insert a bully stick, a biscuit or kibble and dogs will be rewarded with long-lasting fun.

Variety is the Spice of Life:

If you always use the same treat, dogs won't remain engaged or challenged - so vary their treats. You can use dental sticks, bully sticks, sausages, pieces of salmon, quality cheese spread or even mix some kibble.

Qwizl's brilliant design fits between pup's paws keeping them motivated to get the food out of it.

Qwizl is the perfect dog toy for pups of all life stages:

  • Young puppies (3 – 4 months) can use Qwizl to as a tool to encourage mobility, to use their nose to sniff out treats and learn how to chew.
  • Adolescent dogs learn to re-direct their energy by retrieving a treat from Qwizl, this task will also wear them out mentally because Qwizl provides a mental challenge for them as well.
  • Adult dogs remain motivated to work hard to get treats out.
  • For senior dogs who have lost some spring in their step, Qwizl is an especially great toy because they can easily keep Qwizl between their paws and don’t need to move around a lot.
  • Injured dogs who are not allowed to walk a lot still need to expend their energy and can get bored - give them a Qwizl with food and they will be actively using their brain and using up their mental energy. 


Distract during stressful situations
Qwizl is the perfect dog toy to use when your dog encounters a stressful situation such as a thunder storm, fireworks or when strange people come into the house (their territory!). Keep Qwizl handy and filled with their favorite treat to help distract them from the source of their stress. This is a win-win, as they'll soon associate a positive experience (getting a treat) with something they were once afraid of.

Using doggy brain power can tire out dogs more than walking for an hour in the park! Puzzle dog toys and mentally stimulating dog toys can make tire dogs out. Therefore don’t make it too difficult and too long for puppies and very old senior dogs.

How to use Qwizl for Dogs of all Stages:

  • As with all mentally stimulating toys, always start with easy to retrieve treats - this will help to keep them motivated.
  • Stuff Qwizl with a few pieces of kibble (small ones that won’t get stuck) and let dogs at it.
  • Why start small? Kibble will fall out easily when the dog moves the Qwizl and this motivates the dog to continue playing.
  • Also using an odorous food is another way to intrigue a dog's sense of smell. 
  • After a dog has mastered getting small treats out of Qwizl, add a thin stick of food that is still relatively easy to get out, but they will still need work harder to get the stick out.
  • When they start licking the treat through the side openings, the treat will get softer and easier to get out.  It will also release scent and taste that will motivate them!
  • Step by step you can make it more difficult with thicker sticks. It will be harder to get the treat out of the Qwizl, but as long as they can smell it and taste it they will continue to play with the toy.